3 channel ECG SM-3E electrocardiograph

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SM-3E is a classical 12 leads 3 channel ECG machine with high sensitivity,built-in printer,case database management.Its stable performance makes it becomes popular in the medical industry for several years.

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SM-3E is a kind of electrocardiograph, which is able to sample 12 leads ECG signals simultaneously and print out the ECG waveform with thermal printing system. Its functions are as follows: recording and displaying ECG waveform in auto/manual mode; measuring ECG waveform parameters automatically, and automatic analysis and diagnosis; pacing ECG detection; prompt for electrode-off and out of paper; optional interface languages (Chinese/English, etc.); built-in lithium battery, powered either by AC or DC; arbitrarily select the rhythm lead to conveniently observe abnormal heart rhythm; case database management, etc.


5-inch screen resolution color screen

12-lead simultaneous acquisition and 5-lead display

ECG Automatic measurement and interpretation function

Complete digital filters, resisting baseline drift, AC and EMG interference

Software upgrade via USB/SD card

Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery


Technique Specification



Lead Standard 12 leads
Acquisition Mode Simultaneous 12 leads acquisition
Input Impedance ≥50MΩ
Input circuit current ≤0.0.05μA
EMG Filter 50 Hz or 60Hz (-20dB)
CMRR >80dB; >100dB(Filter in use)
Patient current leakage <10μA
Input Circuit Current <0.1µA
Frequency Response 0.05Hz~150Hz (-3dB)
Sensitivity 1.25, 2.5, 5, 10, 20 40 mm/mV±3%
Anti-baseline Drift Automatic
Time constant ≥3.2s
Noise level <15μVp-p
Paper speed 5, 6.25, 10, 12.5, 25 , 50 mm/s±2%
Recording mode Thermal printing system
8dot/mm(vertical)  40dot/mm(horizontal,25mm/s)
Record paper specifications 80mm*20m/25m or Type Z paper


Standard Configuration

Main machine 1PC
Patient cable 1PC
Limb electrode 1set (4pcs)
Chest electrode 1set( 6pcs)
Power cable 1PC
80mm*20M recording paper 1PC
Paper axis 1PC
Power cord: 1PC



Single package size:200*285*65mm
Single gross weight:2.2KGS
Net weight:1.8KGS
8 unit per carton, package size:

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