Electrocardiograph SM-601 6 channel portable ECG machine

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The same apperance with SM-301, the wider printer paper allows it to print 6 channel waveforms at the same time. The same 12 leads simultaneous collection of body signals, make it convenient to use in clinical diagnosis.

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Product Introduction

SM-601 is a kind of electrocardiograph, which is able to sample 12 leads ECG signals simultaneously and print out the ECG waveform with thermal printing system. Its functions are as follows: recording and displaying ECG waveform in auto/manual mode; measuring ECG waveform parameters automatically, and automatic analysis and diagnosis; pacing ECG detection; prompt for electrode-off and out of paper; optional interface languages (Chinese/English, etc.); built-in lithium battery, powered either by AC or DC; arbitrarily select the rhythm lead to conveniently observe abnormal heart rhythm; case database management, etc.


7-inch high resolution touch color screen

12-lead simultaneous acquisition and display

ECG Automatic measurement and interpretation function

Complete digital filters, resisting baseline drift, AC and EMG interference

Compact and lightweight design

Support USB flash disk and micro SD card to extend memory

Software upgrade via USB/SD card

Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery


Technique Specification



Lead Standard 12 leads
Acquisition Mode Simultaneous 12 leads acquisition
Measuerment Range ±5mVpp
Input circuit Floating;Protection circuit against Defibrillator effect
Input Impedance ≥50MΩ
Input circuit current ≤0.0.05μA
Record mode Automatic:3CHx4+1R,3CHx4,3CHx2+2CHx3,6CHx2
Rhythm:Any lead selectable
Filter EMG Filter:25Hz/30Hz/40Hz/75Hz/100Hz/150Hz
DFT Filter:0.05Hz/0.15Hz
AC Filter:50Hz/60Hz
CMRR >100dB; 
Patient current leakage <10μA(220V-240V)
Input Circuit Current <0.1µA
Frequency Response 0.05Hz~150Hz(-3dB)
Sensitivity 2.5, 5, 10, 20 mm/mV±5%
Anti-baseline Drift Automatic
Time constant ≥3.2s
Noise level <15μVp-p
Paper speed 12.5, 25 , 50 mm/s±2%
Record paper specifications 110mm*20m/25m or Type Z paper
Recording mode Thermal printing system
Paper specification Roll 110mmx20m
Safety standard IEC I/CF
Sample Rate Normal:1000sps/channel
Power Supply AC:100~240V,50/60Hz,30VA~100VA
DC:14.8V/2200mAh,built-in lithium battery

Standard Configuration

Main machine 1PC
Patient cable 1PC
Limb electrode 1set (4pcs)
Chest electrode 1set( 6pcs)
Power cable 1PC
80mm*20M recording paper 1PC
Paper axis 1PC
Power cord: 1PC



Single package size: 320*250*170mm
Single gross weight: 2.8 KG
8 unit per carton, package size: 540*330*750mm
Total gross weight: 22 KG

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