Color Ultrasound Machines Are Widely Used In Major Hospitals

Color ultrasound machines are widely used in major hospitals, mainly for the detection of abdominal organs, superficial structures, urinary and heart diseases. It is a combination of various advanced medical technologies and can meet the inspection needs of different occasions.

The color ultrasound machine can perform B conventional measurement, M conventional measurement, D conventional measurement, etc., and can also perform gynecological measurement and analysis. There are more than 17 obstetric tables in obstetrics, as well as a variety of gestational age and amniotic fluid index measurements. In addition, it has fetal development curves and fetal physiological scores. In addition, the user-defined function can be set according to the needs, in addition, it can also remember the settings during the user’s use, and complete the browsing and saving with one click.

The high-precision digital continuous beam forming period can form dynamic frequency fusion imaging technology, which has strong penetrating power and can be perfectly combined with high-definition images. Performing point-by-point high-precision delayed focus on the entire field image can present more realistic and delicate tissue information. Adaptive Doppler imaging technology can enhance the signal and enhance the signal through complex digital processing to improve the display effect.

Post time: Feb-17-2023