Common Fault Of Color Ultrasound Machine?

In many general hospitals, there are various types of medical equipment of different models and specifications. Especially in many obstetrics and gynecology hospitals, color ultrasound equipment is used, especially in liver, kidney, gallstones, and urinary stones. It plays an important role in disease diagnosis. When we use color ultrasound equipment, we must check the components of various medical equipment, and also know what are the common failures of color ultrasound equipment. In this way, when the color ultrasound machine fails, it can be repaired in time.

In addition, when using color ultrasound equipment, various failures may occur. When the color display image of the color ultrasound machine is not clear, if the phenomenon of freezing occurs, especially if the operation is not easy to use, you can turn it off and then on again. Turn on the machine, the machine cannot start, if the display screen is gray, you must carefully check the DC operating voltage of the entire color ultrasound machine, and also check the main board of the machine. If there is a problem with the memory module, you must replace it in time.

There are still many common faults in color ultrasound machines. When there is a problem with the display of the color ultrasound machine, the image cannot be displayed, and if the probe is damaged, you must pay attention to replacing the probe equipment in time.

Post time: Feb-17-2023