Ultrasound machine S70 trolley 4D color doppler scanner Medical instruments USG for hospital

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The trolley ultrasonic diagnostic instrument adopts a new injection molding case and streamlined design, beautiful appearance, high-resolution professional LCD screen dual-screen display, multi-angle all-round moving joint arm, high-quality silent casters, universal brakes, multi-directional moving accessibility, advanced ergonomic design.

S70 is a new full-body application-type all-color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic system launched by Shimai Medical. · 19-inch high-resolution display floating mobile design, touch screen operation desktop color ultrasound control, excellent image processing technology, using phase offset technology to obtain enhanced purers. The ergonomic keyboard design optimizes the keyboard design according to the frequency and functional area. The foldable support arm can greatly reduce the height of the fuselage, making transportation safer and more convenient.

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S70 series color Doppler uses the latest ultrasonic imaging technology to display images more clearly, delicately, stably, with high sensitivity and strong resolution.Rich software functions can realize puncture guidance function, image real-time, freezing, near-field, far-field, and total gain adjustment. It adopts the touch keyboard and mouse operation, full-screen character input, and the full keyboard design conforms to the ergonomic principle, which is more suitable for the user's requirements. Wide-frequency and high-density probe is adopted, with multi-layer sound matching, wide frequency and high sensitivity.

S70 high-performance four-dimensional color ultrasound, rich gynecological and obstetrical application software, fetal evaluation tools and excellent imaging performance. To meet the diagnostic needs in the field of gynecological and obstetrics, the latest generation of real-time 4D volume probe and imaging technology, the latest elastic imaging technology, and support a variety of abdominal, gynecological and gynecological clinical applications and a variety of rapid volume imaging functions. Optimize keyboard design according to operation frequency and functional area, touch screen gesture operation, intelligent high sensitivity touch screen, including image browsing, image amplification, measurement and other operation modes.

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19-inch high-definition LED display with 180-degree full view.

The digital image management system makes it easier to store and read images.

Backlight silicone keyboard, easy to operate in dark room, built-in rechargeable lithium battery, can cope with various environments.

It can imagine at high speed in real time, optimize the work process, observe moving organs, save detection time, and improve diagnostic efficiency. Trolley design for easy movement and promotion.

It can be moved and placed as needed, and it can easily meet the inspections under different conditions such as intensive care unit, operating room and emergency room.

Application places

digestive system, heart, thyroid, breast, musculoskeletal nerves, cardiovascular, urinary system, superficial blood vessels, abdomen, clinical examination and diagnosis of obstetrics and gynecology, etc.



Name of equipment parts


LED Display


Touch Screen


Operator Console


Front Pull Handles


Rear Handle


Probe Stent


Front Connectivity Panel (USB ports, ECG ports)


System Case with Four Transducer Ports(one is unavailable)


On the back of the I/O connection plate


Wheel Base with Four Locking Wheels


LCD display:19 inches
360 Display screen can adjustable direction
Operation touch screen : 8.4 inch
The console can be adjusted in four directions
Digital multi-beam forming technique
Digital processing channel: 8192
Scanning density: 512 linear/frame
Probe frequency:2.0-14.0 Mhz
Probe connector: 4 versatile ports
Imaging Technical Specifications: 128 physical channel
Quick check start, one-key navigation
Imaging model:
Basic Imaging Model: B, 2B, 4B, B/M, B/Color, B/Power Doppler, B/PW Doppler, B/CW Doppler, B/Color/PW, 3D
Advanced Imaging Model:
Anatomic M-mode(AM), Color M mode(CM)
Trapezoidal imaging(Linear probe)
PW Spectral Doppler, CW Spectral Doppler
Tissue Harmonic Imaging(THI)
Pulse Pinversion Harmonic Imaging(PIH)
Extended Pulse Imaging(EPI)
Tissue spectral Doppler imaging(TDI)
High definition zoom imaging
Fast 3D reconstruction imaging
ECG imaging
Contrast imaging
Wide-field imaging(WFOV)
Spatial compound imaging(SCI)
Panoramic Imaging
Power Doppler imaging
Harmonic fusion imaging(FHI)
Ladder formation imaging
Standard 4D and Advanced 4D(including multislice display)
Input/output Port: S-Video port/VGA port/Internet port/USB port ≥ 4/BNC port/ECG port
Image and Data Management System: Built-in hard disk capacity: ≥1T
DVR function
Embedded Cloud remote consultation system
Power supply:100V-220V~50Hz-60Hz
Package: Net Weight: 88KGS  Gross Weight:123.9KGS  Size: 1130*730*1441mm

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