Portable ultrasound machine M61 color doppler diagnostic system for ultrasonic notebook scanner

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M61 portable color ultrasound machine is a notebook color ultrasound machine with novel design, clear image quality and portability. At the same time, it has reliable ultrasound function and strong image processing ability, which can improve the efficiency of clinical diagnosis.

The portable color ultrasound machine is flexible and convenient, with powerful functions and high imaging quality. It will solve the problem of difficult examination for patients with mobility difficulties such as critically ill patients, emergency patients and operating room patients, and provide better and faster assistance for clinical timely diagnosis. It can reach patients with doctors in a relatively short time, especially ICU patients, whose conditions are complex and progress rapidly, and the functional status of each organ needs to be monitored at any time. Portable color ultrasound can reach patients directly, which greatly reduces the treatment time of patients.

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Production profile

The portable color Doppler ultrasound machine has powerful functions, flexible configuration, small size and convenient use, and can be comprehensively and flexibly applied to cardiovascular, digestive system, urinary system, gynecology and obstetrics, superficial organs, musculoskeletal joint system and pediatrics and other clinical medical treatment. It has the characteristics of non-invasive, safe, no contraindication, convenient to carry, low price, etc.It adopts an open ultrasonic structure and uses Windows operating system to increase the number of acoustic beam formers and digital channels, thus improving the efficiency of signal processing and making the processed image clearer.
No matter from superficial application to abdominal scan, from professional examination to bedside nursing, it can not only be used for disease assessment, but also for continuous dynamic monitoring, to provide timely and accurate guidance for patients' treatment adjustment, with excellent clinical performance. The portable ultrasonic diagnosis system is suitable for all kinds of different complex scenes and application fields, and can diagnose both indoor and outdoor. Shimai Medical has a number of portable B-ultrasound machines that can also bring you a sense of hands-on operation, which can meet the overall clinical applicability.


★15-inch, high resolution, progressive scan, Wide Angle of view
★Resolution:1024*768 pixels
★Image display area is 640*480

Imaging modes
★B-mode: Fundamental and Tissue harmonic imaging
★Color Flow Mapping (Color)
★B/BC Dual Real-Time
★Power Doppler Imaging (PDI)
★PW Doppler

★Support Chinese、English、Spanish、French、German、Czech、Russian languages.
Advanced imaging platform
★High-performance image processing chips can provide more powerful algorithm
★ low power consumption and anti-virus design ensure product Stable and reliable
★ Large storage capacity can provide more patient data base

Comprehensive clinical Application Solutions
★ Automatic trace on PW frequency map
★ Real time dual-display 2D images and color flow images
★One key saving and restoring image parameters to effectively shorten the operating time.
★Efficent workflow
★ Play back large amount of cines
★ Quick startup
★ Measurement packages of all parts meet with clinical needs of different applications.
★ Double transducer port is designed to meet the

Different clinical applications.
★Large capacity removeable built-in battery supports
long time outdoor operation
★ support many kinds of typewriting

Exam Modes
Abdomen , Obstetrics ,Gynecology ,Fetal Heart, Small parts ,Urology ,Carotid, Thyroid, Breast, Vascular , Kidney, Pediatrics etc.


Main parameter

Type Ultrasonic examination
Model Number SM-M61
Instrument classification Class II
Product Name Notebook ultrasound machine
LCD display 15 inches
Brand Name SHIMAI
Probe frequency 2.5-10MHz
USB port   2
Probe array elements ≥80
Support languages 7
Probe connector 2versatile ports
Hard disk ≥128GB
Power supply 100V-220V~ 50Hz-60Hz

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