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Portable color ultrasound-M45, also known as bedside color ultrasound, is an efficient extension of conventional color ultrasound technology due to its portability, flexibility and operability.

12-inch high-definition LED display, 180-degree full viewing. Full digital ultra-wide band: improve resolution and penetration, hard disk dynamic and static image storage, real-time sharing. Flexible configuration, easy to carry ergonomic design, improve the scope of use, LED backlight silicone keyboard, easy to operate in the dark room. Input / output interface HDMI structure parallel print interface network interface, USB interface.

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The portable ultrasound diagnostic instrument is mainly used in acute abdomen, bedside echocardiography, the value of diagnosis of pulmonary embolism, and various preoperative and intraoperative ultrasound examination and positioning in clinical and surgery. Shimai medical color ultrasound machine manufacturers, there are a number of portable B-ultrasound and bedside color ultrasound machines, exported to more than 200 countries and regions. In particular, the applicable to critically ill patients is complicated and progressing quickly. It is necessary to monitor the function of the organs at any time. The patient's condition is critical and there is a greater risk in leaving the ward. The portable ultrasound diagnostic instrument shortens the waiting time and reduces the movement of the patient. Its unique emergency check and operation mode provide important diagnostic information for the clinic without delaying the rescue process and win time for the critically ill patients.

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a. Laptop thin and light design;
b. 12.1〞LCD Displayer;
c. Windows 7 operation system;
d. Standard key board and backlight key;
e. 3200mAh recharge lithium battery.


Application Mode

M45 Laptop Color Doppler Ultrasonic Diagnostic System

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PW mode

  Laptop thin and light design;
12.1〞LCD Displayer;
Windows 7 operation system;
Standard key board and backlight key;
3200mAh recharge lithium battery.
Main Parameter Display modes: B、 B/B、4B、B+M、CFM、B+CFM、PDI、B+PDI、PW;
Gray scale: 256 levels,
5 levels image optimization;
THI imaging technology;
Rich image processing technology, for instance frames average, view angle, edge ,enhance, Gamma ,etc
CN,EN,RUS,POR,ESP,FR,DE 7 kinds languages;
Display penetration depth 1~400mm;
Dynamic range: 80~280dB adjustable;
Application mode OB,GYN, Small organ, Urology, Pediatric, Cardiac etc;
Preset the parameter depend on scanning organ;
IMT automatic measurement and display results;
15 kinds of pseudo color;
Support guide line of biopsy puncture;
Built-in 120G soild state drive ,make the storage safer and more reliable;
Support frequency conversion range: 2MHz~12MHz (depend on probe type);
Built-in editable report page ;
Gain control: 8 segments TGC and overall gain can be adjusted respectively;
Focus position: dynamic electron focusing.
Interfaceports 2 activated probe connector
Interface Port: HDMI, VGA, DICOM, USB, Line Out.

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